Brandon Petersen
On the Hill Spring 2024

Equipping the Next Generation: Meet Brandon Petersen

In July 2020, OBU welcomed alumnus Brandon Petersen back to Bison Hill to serve as the dean of students and vice president of campus life at OBU.

Petersen’s journey is deeply rooted in the values and mission of OBU. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from OBU in 1995 and later earned a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1999. His connection with OBU goes back even further, as he previously served as an advancement officer from 1995 to 1996.

Throughout his career, Petersen has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to both church ministry and professional growth. He served in various roles, including single adult minister at First Baptist Church of Euless, Texas, and later as an associate pastor of education at First Baptist Church in Broken Arrow. His journey continued at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, where he served as executive pastor and education pastor until 2018.

Upon returning to Oklahoma, Petersen has contributed his expertise to JM2 Capital in Oklahoma City as the director of consulting.

Petersen’s appointment as the dean of students and vice president of campus life represented a homecoming, reflecting his deep love for Christ, the church and Bison Hill. His comprehensive leadership experience in both church and business settings equipped him to enhance the student experience, overseeing vital aspects of campus life such as housing, dining, clubs and spiritual development.

What is your main responsibility as dean of students and vice president of campus life at OBU?

My primary focus is to help create the best student experience possible on Bison Hill. The campus life team seeks to do this through offering excellent service, programming and events in the areas of residential life, student organizations and activities, recreation and wellness and spiritual life. We take seriously our part in helping to equip the next generation of future shapers to live all of life all for Jesus. Our goal is to partner with our faculty and other staff to best prepare students for the next chapter in their lives as they move into their professional careers.

What excites you most about serving in this role?

The thing that most excites me about my role is seeing students grow, thrive and flourish while on campus. I love seeing a student transformed by the grace and love of God to the point they lead and impact others accordingly.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of your position?

Having the privilege of mentoring and investing in the lives of our students is truly the most rewarding aspect of being the dean of students.

What are some of the most challenging aspects of your position?

Navigating the craziness of our culture is one of the most challenging aspects of this job. We want to make sure all our students feel supported, heard, and valued regardless of what they are going through or what they believe. We seek to do this through the lens of scripture and a Christian worldview. We want to show and demonstrate the love, grace, and truth of Jesus through all we do.

What do you think sets OBU apart from other universities?

I believe our commitment to leading through a Christian worldview, truly sets OBU apart from other universities. I also believe our world class faculty distinguishes and makes OBU unique. Our faculty delivers excellent instruction while offering a truly personal touch with each and every student. They know and love our students.

What impressed you the most about OBU’s response to the April 19, 2023, tornado?

I was most impressed by the speed in which OBU was able to bring students back to campus to finish the spring semester. This was done without compromising the safety of our students or the level of instruction provided to our students.

What is your vision for university culture at OBU?

I would love to see an increasingly diverse culture at OBU as we move into the future.

What are some things you enjoy doing when away from the office?

I love to spend time with my family. We love hiking, snow skiing and spending time at the lake. When I can, I love to play a little golf and do some fishing as well.