On the Hill Spring 2017

Education Majors Give Local Students Historical Look at the 1960s

OBU teacher education students hosted the 35th interactive children’s museum last November, titled “Defining Events of the 1960s: A Historical Study Using Photographs as Text.”

During the event, elementary students from local schools learned through activities created by elementary education majors in the social studies methods course.

The students selected four iconic pictures from the 1960s and used those to discuss the impact of Woodstock and pop culture on the times, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement, the space race and putting a man on the moon, and the impact of the Vietnam War.

“Through this project, my students practice pedagogical, collaborative and creative skills,” said Dr. Jeanne Akin, professor of education. “They develop not only a passion for social studies, but also a sense of responsibility and an understanding of the power that comes from sharing that knowledge with children.”