On the Hill Summer 2015

Club Sports Program Launches

OBU recently launched its club sports program with 11 teams including men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The program also provides coed opportunities in shotgun, archery, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf and rock climbing.

Club sports provide students the opportunity to compete in their sport of choice against other universities. Membership in a club sport is open to all full-time undergraduate students of OBU and is an alternative to varsity athletic competition.

Tim Thomsen, OBU coordinator of club sports, is excited to introduce these teams.

“My vision for club sports is to provide a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional options,” he said. “We are building these programs so students may continue competing in their respective sports or learn a new one.”

In addition to enjoying healthy competition,  students will be given unique leadership opportunities in managing and leading athletic teams. Students will experience co-curricular learning through athletic competition, skill development, scheduling, fundraising, organization, administration and budgeting.

Competition and practice schedules vary between clubs. Student leadership and the team coach or sponsor develop the schedules for their teams. Open tryouts take place at the beginning of the fall semester.

For more information,
visit okbu.edu/student-life/club-sports
or email timothy.thomsen@okbu.edu.