On the Hill Summer 2016

Bosch Fellows

Honoring the Legacy and Impact of Dr. Debbie Bosch

Everything adorning Dr. Debbie Bosch’s office is a testament to her personality and time at OBU.

From her five strengths displayed on her desk – input, ideation, learner, activator and woo – to which she said, “I just don’t meet strangers; they are friends I haven’t gotten to meet yet” – to the handmade mandolin hanging on her wall, given to her by Dr. John McWilliams, OBU associate professor of natural science. She has memorabilia from her trips to Turkey, China and Korea and even a piece of the old Clark Craig Fieldhouse from Bosch’s time as an OBU cheerleader.

“These are memories I will carry with me the rest of my life,” she said.

Bosch graduated with a Bachelor of Science from OBU in 1972 and rejoined the school as a professor of mathematics in 1980. This time around, Bosch was considered a colleague to people who had previously been her professors.

“It was exciting and intimidating at the same time, but I thoroughly enjoyed it,” she said. “They embraced me as a peer and also took me under their wings to teach me the ropes of what it meant to be a faculty member.”

Bosch’s favorite memories from her time at OBU all have something in common – they always involve connections with other people.

To honor the many connections she made through the years, her personal passion and devotion to her alma mater, and her numerous contributions to the University, OBU has established the Bosch Fellows program.

The Bosch Fellows will continue her legacy of leadership and impact future generations of leaders in the area of mathematics, science, medicine and engineering. Fellows can make a commitment by giving a gift of $2,500, which may be given over a period of time.

Bosch Fellows will be recognized on a wall of honor in the upcoming rebuild of the Wood Science Building, home of the James E. Hurley College of Science and Mathematics.

“This is very humbling,” Bosch said. “To be named for anything like that…I don’t really feel worthy of it. I’m just very honored and pleased it will help support the mission and the activities of science, math and engineering at OBU.”

For more information or to become a Bosch Fellow, contact the Office of University Advancement at 405.585.5412.