On the Hill Summer 2015

Black History Month Observed

OBU hosted several events during February in observance of Black History Month. Bertholomew Bailey, OBU admissions counselor, reenacted the famous “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The OBU English department and United Students of Color sponsored an African-American Read-In where readers shared literary works from numerous authors. The campus also hosted a gospel music service featuring choirs from local Baptist churches.

The United Students of Color and other members of the OBU community also attended Unity Baptist Church in Oklahoma City for a Sunday service. The church was founded by the late Rev. Dr. Eric A. Mayes, Jr., the first African-American graduate of OBU in 1963. He authored five books and founded a nonprofit ministry which provides scholarships for college-bound students. He died Sept. 10, 2014, leaving behind 90 years of an outstanding legacy in both Baptist ministry and African-American achievement.