Joe L. Ingram School of Christian Studies

Upcoming Courses

The School of Christian Studies is primarily designed to offer college-level training to adults involved in ministry or who feel called by God into this area. Current students include full and part-time pastors, church staff members, and lay Christians who serve a ministry role in their churches. Others are involved in ministries in prisons, college settings, or business. 

Course credit earned through SCS classes can be applied toward three different 4-course emphases: Biblical StudiesWorldview Studies, or Formation and Engagement. Completing these emphases, students can build towards an accredited, 36-hour Diploma in Christian Studies for just $25 per credit-hour! (Yes, you read that correctly). This means the total tuition for a Diploma in Christian Studies is just $900!

Students desiring to work towards an accredited Associates of Arts in Christian Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies can also take AA and BA-level courses for as little as $100 per credit-hour.

All of the courses in our program are 8-week, online courses. Every single course is taught with the quality expected from our world-class faculty, but can be taken conveniently from anywhere in the world, without having to log into the course at a particular time or day of the week.

Classes are offered using a cohort-model; either fully online, or in a hybrid (online and face-to-face) format. Each online class is taught by a world-class OBU professor; a "Master Teacher" skilled in the theory and practice of the subject. Additionally, each student and cohort will also have a "Cohort Mentor"; an individual who will walk with you throughout the duration of all your classes. Hybrid Students will receive weekly online instruction from the Master Teacher and periodically gather as a cohort with their Cohort Mentor. Fully Online Students will receive the same online instruction from the Master Teacher and gather online with their Cohort Mentor. Regardless, you will travel through your courses with the same group of students, building friendships and peer-relations that will last a lifetime.
For more information, contact: Dr. Tony Higgins, Director, School of Christian Studies, at or 405.585.4427