Midland Apartments

Midland Apartments, located on Midland street, were purchased by OBU in 1997 from a private owner. Each apartment houses three to four Junior or Senior Men. Midland apartment complex is two levels however, each apartment is only one level. Each apartment provides two bedrooms and one bathroom as well as a cooking/dining area and a living room. Midland houses 16 men.

Each apartment contains:

  • Full kitchen
  • Dining table
  • Coffee Table
  • One Couch
  • Two Chairs
  • One bed and extra long twin mattress per resident
  • One dresser per resident
  • One desk per resident
  • Bathrooms
  • Wireless internet
  • Electrical outlets
  • Carpet
  • Storage cabinet
  • Central Heat and Air Conditioning
  • One Telephone Line
  • Cable Access
  • Mini-blinds

General Info:

  • Residents per apartment: 3-4
  • Outdoor bike racks are available during the school year
  • Residents must supply their own vacuum, cleaning supplies, minor kitchen appliances, toilet paper and kitchen utensils