The Residential Life Handbook Section 4

4) Residential Life Policies

a) Alcoholic Beverages

As set forth in local, state, and federal laws, and the rules and regulations of Oklahoma Baptist University, the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees in buildings, facilities, grounds, or other properties owned and/or controlled by OBU or as part of OBU activities is strictly forbidden. In addition, a student appearing on campus (including the residence halls) whose use of an alcoholic beverage or drugs is discernible shall be subject to disciplinary action. Possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs on university-related off-campus trips and/or group activities is strictly forbidden. Possession, use and/or sale of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the university (See the Office of Student Development for the full text of the policy statement adopted by the Oklahoma Baptist University Board of Trustees, July 13, 1990). You will also find details regarding the Alcohol Policy and possible disciplinary action in the Green Book.

b) Baby-sitting

Baby-sitting is not allowed in dorm rooms or apartments due to liability of the university.

c) Card Access

A card access system has been installed on all exterior doors of Agee Residence Center, Howard Residence Center, Taylor Residence Center, Kerr Dormitory and WMU Dormitory, as well as on the computer lab doors of each facility. All doors with card readers are locked 24 hours a day (with the exception of the south entrances of Taylor and Kerr, the north and south entrances of Agee, and the east entrance of WMU which will be open from 7 a.m. until 1 a.m.). All doors will be locked and alarmed at 1 a.m. nightly. After 1 a.m. (and until 7 a.m. the next morning) all students will be required to enter and exit through the main lobby doors. Only students who reside in a building with card access will be able to open the doors with their ID cards (for example: only Taylor residents will be able to utilize the Taylor card readers). Residential Life staff members, Physical Plant workers, ARAMARK staff, and campus safety also will be allowed to open doors with card readers on them. This system requires that you take precautions to keep your card with you at all times. Report stolen or lost cards to the Dean of Students' office (or your RD) immediately (See "Exterior Doors" in Section Three: Life on Campus).

d) Cinder Blocks

OBU prohibits the use of cinder blocks in all university owned housing. This policy is in place to protect the safety of the students and the property of the university. In addition, OBU limits the height of loft beds. The sleeping surface of these beds must not exceed 6 feet. Furthermore, students are not permitted to remove university provided beds (or any other university provided furniture) from the room/apartment. The university discourages the use of loft beds and reserves the right to inspect and reject any loftbed placed in university owned housing. RAs will check for compliance to this policy at each room inspection. In addition, please note that the University does not provide instructions or blue prints to facilitate the building of loft beds. Finally, there is no storage for loft beds available on campus.

e) Computer Access in Dorm Rooms

There is access to OBU's computer network in the dorm rooms in Agee, WMU, Kerr, Howard Dorm, and Taylor Dorms, as well as wireless internet access in East Dev, Midland, MacArthur, Howard Apartments and WUA. Network connections in the residence halls require the use of an Ethernet port. This is common on most newer computer systems. Connections in campus apartments require wireless Ethernet (WiFi). If your computer does not have an Ethernet port or wireless capabilities, these can be added using an expansion card. See your computer retailer for assistance.

f) Computer Labs

A computer lab with networked computers has been provided for residents of Agee, Howard, Kerr, Taylor, and WMU. Each lab is for the use of students who reside in that building. Off-campus residents are not allowed to use these computer labs. There is a card reader on this door and it will be locked 24 hours a day. If you allow a student who does not live in your residence hall to use the lab, you will lose your privilege of using the lab. Please take good care of these computers. If they are damaged by misuse or vandalism, they will not be replaced (unless full restitution is made by the person or persons responsible for the damage). If one of the computers is not functioning properly, please report it to the RA Desk or Residence Director immediately.

g) Cooking

Cooking or preparation of meals is prohibited in all residence hall rooms (Agee, Howard Dorm, Kerr, WMU and Taylor). Only coffee makers with automatic shut-off may be kept in dorm rooms. There are microwaves provided in each dorm for student use.

h) Crosswalk

A crosswalk is provided on MacArthur Street near Taylor Residence Center. This crosswalk has been installed for use of all students who find it necessary to cross MacArthur Street. Do not attempt to cross at other points on MacArthur and do not cross without using the crosswalk controls to stop traffic. This is for your safety and the safety of drivers on that street. Do not take any unnecessary risks by ignoring this policy.

i) Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours in the dorm lobbies and apartments are from noon until 1 a.m. each day. All men must leave women's apartments at 1 a.m. each night and all women must leave men's apartments (see VISITORS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX). The lobbies of all residence centers are open for opposite sex visitation until 1 a.m. Members of the opposite sex are not allowed in any residential facility until after 12 noon each day.

j) Electrical Appliances

The following electrical appliances are permitted: desk lamps, computers, radios, stereos, televisions, VCRs, DVD Players, clocks, irons, curling irons, hair dryers, razors, blankets, toothbrushes, and refrigerators (from 3 to 5 cubic feet).

Radios, stereos, and televisions must be operated at volume levels which do not disturb other residents. Hot pots, hot plates, microwave ovens, toasters, and similar appliances are not permitted in Agee, Kerr, Taylor, Howard, or WMU Dorms. Refrigerators must not exceed 5 cubic feet nor use more than 2 amps.

Generally, appliances should require no more than one thousand (1,000) watts. Appliances used in the residence halls must be UL approved and should be properly maintained. Before leaving for breaks and holidays, residents must unplug all electrical appliances to guard against fire hazard.

Extension cords and multiple outlets are designed for minimum use for short periods of time. Multi-plug outlets and improper use of extension cords create fire and safety hazards. Therefore, the following information is the guideline when using this equipment:

  • Too many appliances on one extension cord can cause the cord to overheat and result in a fire. (Note: Two or more cords plugged together are theoretically still only one cord.)
  • Extension cords placed in or through doorways that have metal or put in areas where they may be walked on, create the added risk of shock or electrocution.
  • The outlets in each room were designed for either one or two appliances. Multi-plug covers, cords, or other splitters to increase the number of appliances on one outlet are prohibited due to fire and safety hazards as well as possible circuit overloads. However, a multi-plug "power strip" with an internal fuse is permissible.

k) Furniture

All furniture must remain in your room/apartment. You are responsible for any damage to the furniture in your room/apartment. During room inspections, RAs will be checking to determine if all furniture is in your room. If any item is missing, you will be subject to disciplinary action and will be required to return the furniture to the room immediately. Lobby, lounge, and study room furniture is provided for the use of all residents. Do not move this furniture or take it to your room or apartment.

l) Grilling

Extreme caution is to be used while charcoaling or grilling on campus. Charcoal grills are only to be used in the grassy areas around the apartments and no grilling is to be done within 25 feet of any building on campus. In addition, grills should not be used on walkways or underneath overhangs on buildings. Do not store grills on walkways.

m) Guests

All overnight guests must be of the same gender as the resident and at least 15 years old. All guests must be registered at the RA desk. Guests may stay two nights free of charge. Each night thereafter will be $5. OBU student guests will be responsible for their own behavior and any infractions of university regulations. The OBU student is responsible for the behavior of the non-student guest including the serving of penalties for any infractions committed by the non-student guest.

n) Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are not permitted in any university owned housing due to the extreme fire risk that they present. Any student bringing a halogen lamp to campus will be asked to take it home immediately.

o) Lock Outs

If you are locked out of your room/apartment, contact the RA Desk or a member of the Residential Life Staff. It will cost $1 or your ID (until you have $1). We will open your door only for you. We will NOT open any door for anyone (including friends and family members) who is not a resident of that room/apartment. You must leave written permission at the RA desk if you want someone else allowed into your room/apartment. If you lose your key, it will cost $25 to replace that key.

p) Painting

No student is allowed to paint his/her room or apartment at any time for any reason. Rooms and apartments are painted by OBU's physical plant only. Violation of this policy will result in the student being required to pay the amount that it costs the university to re-paint the area that the student painted. Under no circumstances should you paint your room or allow others to paint it for you.

q) Posters

Posters publicizing any events must be approved by each Residence Director. Please leave all flyers and posters for approval at the RA Desk. The Director will approve them at his/her earliest convenience and assure that they are hung. Posters can be no larger than 14 inches X 22 inches (half of a normal poster board). Posters/flyers which are not approved by the Residence Director, the Dean of Students, or the Director of Housing will be removed. All posters/flyers will be removed and discarded immediately following the date and time of the event. Flyers which are advertising items for sale or that are of a personal nature can be posted for two weeks and will be removed at the RD's discretion following that time.

r) Rule Violations (RVs)

RVs can be given by RAs, night security or the Director to anyone violating university rules found in the Green Book or this handbook. RVs are monetary fines ruled on by a Judiciary Committee. You may appeal an RV within two (2) days of receiving it by submitting a written statement of appeal to your Residence Director. Repeated incidents can result in increased fines.

s) Search and Seizure

When you moved in, you signed a Residential Life Agreement Form that grants permission for university officials to enter your room/apartment and search it for anything the university deems "illegal," including, alcoholic beverages, drugs, weapons, and members of the opposite sex (after curfew and/or in "restricted areas").

t) Smoking

The Board of Trustees has adopted the following Tobacco-Free Environment Policy concerning the use of tobacco on campus: In keeping with the mission and purpose of the University, and in order to encourage a clean and healthy environment, Oklahoma Baptist University promotes a tobacco-free environment on campus. The use of tobacco in any form is expressly forbidden on campus. Look at the Green Book for the policy on Tobacco.

u) Solicitation/Sales

Solicitation by off-campus groups and/or individuals must be approved by the Residential Life office in writing. If someone knocks on your door selling or soliciting support for an organization, ask for identification and their written approval. Report individuals without identification and written approval to Campus Safety and the Residential Life Office immediately. If an OBU student wishes to sell something in the residence facilities, they must also have written approval from the Residential Life office.

v) Storage

OBU is not obligated in any way to store student belongings outside of their room/apt during the school year nor at any time during the summer months. Students need to take responsibility for locating adequate storage for any items that they find it necessary to leave in the Shawnee area during the summer or that will not fit in their room during the academic year (see contact information at end of this section). West University Apartments 1-24 each have a storage closet within the apartment. During the summer months the closet can be shared by the former and previous residents of that apartment. The previous residents are only allowed to store their belongings in that closet if they will be returning to OBU campus housing in the fall semester. It is expected that students will store all their belongings in their own room/apartment during the school year. All residents must clear their belongings out of their room/apartment upon checking out for the summer unless they have been assigned to summer housing (See Holiday Housing in Section One: Moving In and Moving Out).


Allied Mini Storage Hwy. 177 & MacArthur 273-7580
Apex Mini Storage 1100 E. Independence 275-6004
Craig Self Storage 4131 N. Harrison 275-8709
Foresee Mini-Storage 1900 N. Kickapoo 273-9855
Harrison Self Storage 4204 N. Harrison 273-3531
Kickapoo Self Storage 3929 N. Kickapoo 275-2022
MacArthur Street Storage 39300 W. MacArthur 273-9400
Mini-Storage of Shawnee 1522 N. Harrison 273-1978
Shawnee Self Storage 37803 45th Street 275-6401
Shawnee Self Storage 4131 N. Harrison 275-8709
Star Security Storage 13303 Hwy.177 273-8284
Storage Front    

w) Visitors of the Opposite Sex

Members of the opposite sex are allowed in the apartments from noon until 1 a.m. each night. They cannot go into the bedrooms. Violating this regulation will result in strict disciplinary action for everyone in the apartment. A restroom is provided for men in the lobby of Howard Dorm and in the WUA Center Building. Dorm lobbies are opened until 1 a.m. for opposite sex visitation. Members of the opposite sex are allowed into the dorm rooms every Tuesday from 4pm-10pm and every Friday and Saturday from 2pm-11pm. Students of the opposite sex are required to check in and out of the facility they are visiting with the use of your ID card.

x) Window Screens

Each resident is responsible for the window screens on the window(s) in his/her room/apartment. There is no reason for the removal of a screen except for in an emergency. Residents will be charged for missing or damaged screens. Disciplinary action can result if a student removes his/her screen at any time. Please do not tamper with window screens unless there is an emergency situation which necessitates such action. If at any point in time you discover a screen missing when one was there upon checkin, you should notify your RA or RD immediately.