Valencia to Debut ‘New Wave’ Art Show

Daniel Valencia, an OBU senior from Fort Gibson, Okla., will debut his senior art show Friday, April 19, from 7-9 p.m. The presentation, which is centered on a “new wave” theme, will feature various pieces of art by Valencia and will be displayed in an exhibit in the OBU Art Building on campus.

A reception honoring Valencia and his work will serve as an opening ceremony for the exhibit. The public is invited to attend the free event. Valencia’s work will remain on display for the week following the opening.

Valencia says his show draws influence from the new wave movement in music which occurred during the 1970s and ’80s. The genre traces its roots to punk music, but caters to a wider audience through its elements of pop and electronic sounds.

“I believe my work mirrors the new wave movement well,” Valencia said. “My art style, at times, tends to be on the ‘raw’ side, but my goal is always to boldly communicate while making something genuinely appealing.”

Valencia said he holds a particular fondness for graphic design and encountering art in everyday life, not just in the studio.

He cites renowned artist Andy Warhol as a major inspiration for his work. Warhol, whose depictions of commonplace objects made him one of the most recognizable artists of the 1960s, is credited with popularizing pop art in America.

“I love how he explored the relationship between art and pop culture,” Valencia said. “It is something I tend to do in my own work.”

Valencia said he also enjoys the work of Chip Kidd, a prominent American graphic designer; Peter Saville, a well-known English graphic designer; and Saul Bass, an American graphic designer famous for his logos and movie posters. Additionally, Valencia recognizes the role OBU has played in the development of his own art.

“Of course, I must give some credit to my favorite professor, Mr. Corey Fuller,” Valencia said, “He has helped me understand the medium and has taught me almost everything I know about creating great work and communicating effectively through it.”

Following graduation, Valencia hopes to secure a full-time job in art or graphic design. Valencia said he plans to pursue his love of music and develop his artwork on the side.