Marsh Joins Hurley College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Sarah Marsh has been named assistant professor of mathematics at OBU. She will join the faculty of the James E. Hurley College of Science and Mathematics for the fall 2011 semester.

Marsh earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Central Arkansas, graduating with the scholastic predicate summa cum laude. Her undergraduate honors thesis was titled “Math Anxiety in America: Causes, Preventions, and Implications.” She earned a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Oklahoma. She also earned her doctorate in mathematics at OU, with an emphasis in undergraduate mathematics education.

She has served as a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Mathematics at OU since 2005. She has taught courses including Calculus I and II for Business, Life and Social Sciences; Precalculus and Trigonometry; College Algebra; and Mathematics for Critical Thinking. She served as an adjunct professor at Mid-America Christian University from 2007-10, teaching Abstract Algebra; Discrete Mathematics; Math for Teachers I; and Algebra for Teachers. At OU, she also has taught an intensive three-week course designed to prepare incoming freshmen engineering majors for calculus and analytic geometry.

Marsh is a member of the American Mathematical Society; Mathematical Association of America; a special-interest group of the MAA on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education; and the Association for Women in Mathematics.