Chamberlain to Present ‘Lessons Learned’ Senior Art Show

Julie Chamberlain began drawing and doodling at a young age. Years later, she was sold on the idea of being a graphic designer after taking her first design class.

From the doodling of her early years through completing her college courses, Chamberlain’s art has grown. A senior graphic design major from Wilson, Okla., Chamberlain will present her senior art show, titled “Lessons Learned,” April 29-May 5 in the OBU art building gallery. Her artwork will be available for viewing from 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Chamberlain said that, for her, creating artwork is an emotional experience.

“I feel that each piece of art I create teaches me something new and each piece has a driving force behind it from whatever I was going through at that time in my life,” she said. “I put my heart into every piece I create. I feel my art expresses my passion for creating and I hope viewers can see that as well.”

Friends, Chamberlain said, are the largest influence to her personal designs.

“I bounce ideas off of them or talk to them about my latest project, and they’ll see something that I hadn’t thought of before,” she said.

She also said the four years she has invested with the OBU Theatre Department has influenced her artwork.

“Watching actors and learning to build sets and the thought preparation that goes into every little detail of a production has taught me how to utilize all of those experiences when creating my art,” she said.

Chamberlain said professionals who are among her heroes in the art field include Jules Cheret, a French designer from the late 1800s who was a master of poster designs, and Corey Barker, a modern graphic designer who is a master of Photoshop.

“Both of these men have been a big influence on my art, and I’ve learned a lot from studying their work,” said Chamberlain.

Following graduation, Chamberlain hopes her design portfolio speaks for itself with the lessons she has learned –- and the skills she has honed –- as she seeks employment. She also plans to continue learning, ever growing in her artistic abilities.