Harman Selected for International InSITE Board

Dr. Keith Harman, OBU professor of business, has been selected as a member of the International Board of Reviewers for the annual InSITE 2011 Conference, which will be in Novi Sad (New Garden), Serbia, in June 2011. InSITE is the acronym for the Informing Science Institute.

“I am very happy I was selected,” Harman said. “This is the fifth year in a row I have been selected, but it is always a great honor.”

Informing Science Institute is an organization of colleagues helping colleagues, drawing together people who teach, research and use information technologies to inform clients (regardless of academic discipline) to share their knowledge with others. Their mission has components both of production and retroduction.

The Science Institute’s publications are available free online to everyone regardless of membership status and are available for purchase in print. The institute helps authors learn how to make their submissions even better. Their reviewers include those who have successfully been published in our journals or elsewhere. In this way, writers use elements of the institute’s product to develop production. They provide authors with constructive feedback garnered as the outcome of this reproduction process.

Disciplines that use Informing Science are diverse: education, government, business, public relations and dozens more. The essence of the Informing Science philosophy is the transfer of knowledge from one field to another: breaking down disciplinary boundaries that hinder the flow of knowledge.

“My goal is to review five to six papers from authors around the world,” Harman said. “I am especially hoping to review two or three cutting-edge articles on how companies use web-based repositories (web-based data storage sites), and I am hoping to have an opportunity to review two to three articles dealing with online learning.”

Harman said his role with the institute has given him the chance to broaden his capabilities as an OBU professor. He uses the enhanced knowledge in two courses he teaches at OBU: data administration and information technology.

A native of Oklahoma, Harman attended OBU from 1970-72. He later completed a bachelor’s degree in social studies from the University of Oklahoma, a master’s degree in vocational education from OU and a Ph.D. in higher education management at OU. He earned a master’s degree in finance and operations management from Webster University. He also participated in a post-doctoral study program at MIT and later at the U.S. Army War College.

For more information about the Informing Science Institute, please click here.