Senior Displays ‘Heart at Work’

"With my work, I try to allow others to see the world the way I see it," said J.D. Reeves, an Oklahoma Baptist University senior graphic design major. "There are so many beautiful things all around us."

Reeves, 22-year-old from Peggs, Okla., will showcase his artwork in the on-campus Art Division Gallery from April 17-24. OBU is hosting a series of senior art shows throughout the spring semester depicting each artist's favorite pieces in accordance with their chosen theme. Reeves uses his experiences and the visuals of everyday life to inspire his artwork. The theme of his show is "Heart at Work."

"Even the most mundane things around us contain a certain beauty: our streets, our homes, our friends, our state and our nation," Reeves said. "If we would just look around, there is so much to inspire us."

His show consists of a wide variety of mediums including paintings, drawings, computer illustrations, graphic design, photographs and even some poetry. This eclectic style of work displays Reeves' perspective on life.

"Whether we are artists, photographers, pastors, teachers, social workers, doctors or whatever else, people are always looking for inspiration," Reeves said. "The best inspiration is usually what's right in front of them all along."

Following graduation, Reeves aspires to do an internship to strengthen his portfolio and then start searching for a career in the graphic design field.

Reeves' show will premier Saturday, April 17, immediately after the Campus Activities Board's Spring Affair production. Food and drinks will be provided during the viewing.