J-Term Course to be Offered on Google, Inc.

During Oklahoma Baptist University's 2010 January Term, the Paul Dickinson School of Business will offer a course unique in higher education focusing on Google, Inc. - one of the most iconic firms of the 21st Century. The study will be led by Dr. Keith Harman, OBU professor of business.

The course starts with simple questions: What company's name is also a verb? What company says, "Do no evil," but often finds itself in the midst of controversies involving privacy, freedom of speech and copyright ownership? What company has 293 million people use its search engine per day to find answers to their questions or to find a service or product?

The study will follow three main themes: (1) a case study of Google, especially the company's founders, its business model, its culture and its future; (2) a look at Google applications, for example GoogleDocs or Google's free Web sites and blog services; and (3) a collaborative, hybrid (online and face-to-face) course format.

Two face-to-face class sessions will give students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and to learn from one another in "real time." The course is open to students from all majors as elective credit to promote a rich, diverse set of perspectives about the company and its applications.

"Google may well be to the 21st Century what Ford Motor Company was to the 20th Century regarding how it does business and its impact on the lives of those who use it," Harman said. "Anyone on the planet who has Internet access can be impacted by Google, Inc. That factor alone, apart from the company's unique business model and culture, makes it worthy of serious study, reflection and discussion to all OBU students."