Alum Nominated for Hero Award

Oklahoma Baptist University alum Holly Wilson defines a hero as "someone who is in the right place when a person is in need of a life saver in the midst of struggles from the world."

Wilson, a 2002 alum, found her hero in another OBU graduate and nominated him for the 2008 News 9 Oklahoma Hero Award through the Oklahoma City news station.

Chris Fetters, Wilson's hero and a 2007 alum, was featured on Oklahoma's News 9 at the beginning of October as a different kind of hero, a hero who is saving someone's life with sweat. For more than a year and a half, Fetters has worked with Wilson to help her get in shape to avoid serious health consequences.

"Chris is a person who saw me at my worst and gave me the rock-bottom truth about my weight," Wilson said. "He gave me the cold, hard facts. He is a person who truly cares about each and every person he comes in contact with everyday."

Fetters works as the sports minister at Council Road Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. He also directs a fitness facility available through Council Road where Wilson turned to for help.

"We have a facility called the CUBE, and it is free to the community," Fetters said. "I direct the facility and run all our sports leagues for kids and do some personal training for those who need help."

Using fitness and sports as an outlet for ministry was an obvious choice for Fetters. He said he has had a love for sports his whole life, and after majoring in sports ministry at OBU, his work with Council Road has allowed him to "see how sports and fitness can be used for the kingdom of God."

Wilson, though, sees fitness as the tool that will keep her healthy and alive, and Fetters was available to provide the motivation to begin her transformation. Wilson said that with Fetter's blunt tactics and driven mentality, he was the "life preserver" she needed.

"I needed a person who would give me the honest truth and who has the training to push me to be the person God wanted me to be," Wilson. "God knew, even before I did, that Chris would be the one to help me, but I did not ever envision that my OBU connection with him would be a strong bond that brought us together to work for the Lord's glory."

Wilson said the connection through OBU is a bond that is created the moment students step on to Bison Hill and then carry with them forever. The OBU connection between Wilson and Fetters helped her become more comfortable with Fetters and made her more open to the dramatic transformation that lay ahead of her.

"As I first started on this journey about a year and a half ago, I never thought that my life would be changed this dramatically," Wilson said. "As Chris began to push me in workouts to go beyond my comfort zone, I found myself being able to do things that before this time I could not do."

Throughout her journey Wilson saw how Fetters not only encourages people through fitness, but also impacts people through his sports camps and leagues at the CUBE and his dedication to help those who come into his life. Wilson said Fetters encouraged her beyond working out and helped her get plugged into different ministries at the CUBE and in her home church, Church of the Journey in Oklahoma City.

Wilson is not the only one who has been impacted during this journey, however. Fetters said Wilson has served as a good reminder that people always may be watching his actions. He is grateful for his dad, Michael Fetters, the hero in his life and pastor of The Church of the Journey, who set an example for him.

"It's a big honor, and I'm humbled," Fetters said. "It is a reminder that people are always watching, and we need to live for Christ every step we take. It also makes me aware that there are people who need the love of Christ and they are just waiting for someone to love on them.

"For anyone who feels like they are way out of shape and have no hope, I hope this shows them that is it possible to change but only if they take the first step to get started"

Wilson currently resides in Oklahoma City and teaches 2nd grade at a local charter school. Fetters and his wife, Lindsay, also reside in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma News 9 features the Oklahoma Hero nominees on Thursday mornings. Once the nine nominees are featured, viewers can vote on The 2008 News 9 Oklahoma Hero will be announced late December.