Pridmore Presents Vocal Honors Academy Recital

Oklahoma Baptist University conducted its seventh annual Vocal Honors Academy for outstanding high school students Oct. 9-10. Sixteen vocalists from Oklahoma and Kansas took part in the two-day event. Participants received voice lessons with OBU faculty and attended other music classes and ensemble rehearsals.

As part of the academy, Dr. Helen Pridmore of Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada, gave a recital and two master classes, one for academy students and one for current OBU students. Pridmore was accompanied by Dr. Keith Whitmore, OBU staff accompanist. The recital featured a variety of 20th- and 21st-century compositions. Pridmore projected some of the unconventional scores onscreen so the audience could see how the composers actually notated their pieces.

"It was a new and unique experience for most of the audience members, and it opened many ears to the possibilities of vocal music," said Dr. Mark McQuade, OBU assistant professor of music.

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