Compton Fills New Church Relations Post

A face familiar to many OBU alumni is becoming a more visible representative of the University. Odus Compton has rejoined the OBU staff, filling the new post of church relations director.

Compton, who was OBU's director of religious activities from 1992 to 2002, will be part of the campus ministry staff, working with churches, associations and denominational staff in Oklahoma. He joined the staff on June 1, 2008.

In the newly created role, Compton will work with Oklahoma Baptists in coordinating special events and programs, including OBU Day observances, Falls Creek, and church partnership scholarships.

"As director of church relations, Odus offers expertise as a preacher, organizer, and team builder," said Dale Griffin, OBU campus minister.

"I have believed in the heart and mission of OBU ever since I set foot on Bison Hill 26 years ago," said Compton. "God placed a passion in my heart for the OBU family and its potential for the kingdom during my student days, and gave me the privilege to express that passion for 13 years as Baptist Student Union director and director of religious activities."

A native of Ardmore, Compton graduated from OBU in 1987 with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology. He became OBU's assistant campus minister in 1989. He was Baptist Student Union director at Maui Community College in Maui, Hawaii, for the 1987-88 academic year.

Compton resigned from the OBU staff in 2002 to become co-founder of Heritage Property Holdings Inc. in Norman. He has served as president of the company for the past six years.

"One of the hardest things that I have ever done is to leave the place that I loved in order to be obedient to what God was calling me to do at the time," Compton said. "However, my desire to see the school succeed and to continue in blessing has never waned in these six years serving elsewhere.

"I have gained a greater love and passion for the local church during these years, and a greater passion to see the union between the school and the churches that birthed her to be enriched and strengthened," he said. "I have always believed that OBU's relationship with the Southern Baptist churches of Oklahoma must be one characterized by commitment, sacrifice, loyalty, and love by both sides.

"OBU is given a great trust when the churches of Oklahoma send their finances and, more importantly, their students to OBU, and as such we must honor that trust," he said.

Griffin said Compton's experience with collegiate ministry provides a strong base for his new role.

"Odus offered leadership through 13 years of collegiate ministry at OBU and the product is a large number of former students serving as pastors, missionaries and ministry volunteers in Oklahoma and around the world," said Griffin.

In addition to coordinating church relations activities for the University, Griffin said Compton will be available to preach or teach at Oklahoma Baptist churches, conferences and events.

"Odus powerfully presents messages from God's Word that both uplift and challenge," said Griffin. "Whether he is speaking to a small group of pastors, a Bible study group or a large gathering, Odus' message remains clear and committed to the authority of scripture and God's heart for the nations."

"My desire, as OBU's director of church relations, is to serve the pastors, churches, and convention leadership in anyway that I can in order to make them more successful in the opportunities that God puts before them," said Compton. "I want to hear how they believe OBU can be more successful with her endeavors as well."

Compton's wife, the former Paula Kaye Paschall, is a 1989 OBU graduate. They have eight children, Blake, 17; Caleb, 13; Lindsey, 10, Rachel, 8, Micah, 7; Nate, 5; Noelle, 3; and Charity, 20 months.