OBU Receives Perfect Pass Rating in Teacher Ed Exams

Oklahoma Baptist University teacher education majors fared well on recent certification examinations for Oklahoma Educators.

CEOE pass rates were recently released on examinees from the 22 teacher education institutions in Oklahoma. All 52 OBU teacher education students passed the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE), making OBU one of six institutions with perfect pass ratings. Of those six schools, OBU had the highest number of students passing the exam.

“This pass rate is an indicator of the high quality of teacher candidates we have, as well as faculty who understand teaching and are able to effectively impart their knowledge of teaching principles,” said Dr. Pam Robinson, dean of OBU’s College of Arts and Sciences. “Pedagogy (or principles of teaching) is the focus of the OPTE, and I believe that pedagogy is one of our teacher education program’s strong points.”

CEOE states the OPTE is designed to assess professional knowledge and skills needed by entry-level Oklahoma educators. Each OPTE includes approximately 75 selected-response questions and a constructed-response section which consists of three written performance assignments.

“I was very pleased with the results,” said Dr. John Farris, chair of OBU’s division of teacher education. “We are sending quality teachers to the classrooms. This, in turn, has a significant effect on children in school.”

Farris credits the efforts of OBU’s teacher education faculty for the perfect pass rates. He said each faculty member spends at least 10 hours each semester in the school classroom and in the field, apart from OBU courses.

Along with the OPTE, the CEOE program offers two other categories of tests.

Students, ranging from sophomores to seniors, take the Oklahoma General Education Test, which assesses core education knowledge. The Oklahoma Subject Area Tests are designed to assess specific subject-matter knowledge and skills.

Of the total participants in the three exams, OBU students had a pass rating of 97.2 percent, ranking second among Oklahoma’s colleges and universities’ teacher education programs.

“We have a good reputation in the education field because of OBU graduates,” Farris said. “We are not cavalier about these excellent exam results. We know it is a result of our students and faculty consistently working hard every year.”