Road Projects Around Campus Near Completion

Updated August 15, 2006

As students prepare to arrive on the OBU campus for move-in day and the start of the fall semester, please note that on-going road construction around Shawnee may cause traffic delays.

MacArthur Street

Major work has been completed on MacArthur Street, which cuts east and west through the north side of the OBU campus. The roadway is now a four-lane street from Kickapoo heading west to Unity Hospital North, which is immediately west of MacArthur Drive Apartments. Due to the road expansion, parallel parking is no longer permitted on MacArthur Street.

A new entryway has replaced the north entrance to Jent Alumni Center parking lot and the north entrance to Baxter Lane, just east of Agee Residence Center. Those two entries have been merged into one entry, which curves to the west as drivers head south toward Raley Chapel and the Noble Complex. A new traffic light is being installed at the intersection at MacArthur Street and it should be operational in the next few days. The roadway also extends north of MacArthur Street, providing access to Frank Buck Drive, the west side of Taylor Residence Center, and OBU's soccer complex.

While roadwork around the campus is mostly completed, two major projects are under way on the north side of Shawnee.

Highway 18/Harrison Street is being widened over a four-mile stretch from Hazel Dell Road at the north point, to Westech Road, which is less than a quarter of a mile north of Interstate 40. The speed limit is 45 miles per hour through the construction zone. The roadway is two-laned throughout the construction zone. Traffic should move smoothly, but be advised that there are no passing zones in the construction area.

Kickapoo Street is being widened from Interstate 40 south to 45th Street. Currently, traffic is routed on a two-lane stretch on the east edge of Kickapoo Street. Major traffic congestion occurs for traffic heading south on Kickapoo, traveling across the bridge over I-40. There is not a designated left-turn lane at the intersection with the southern frontage road, which causes intermittent delays for motorists.

Alternate routes for arriving on the campus include:

From the East: Harrison Street, traveling south of I-40 to MacArthur Street, then west to OBU.

From the West: U.S. 177 (Exit 181 on I-40), south to MacArthur, then east to OBU. There may be some congestion at the intersection of MacArthur and Airport Road, on the west edge of the campus, as work is completed on a new intersection which should allow for smoother traffic flow.

News Posted July 11, 2006:

Construction work is creating a very active summertime on Bison Hill. Several projects are under way. Major work continues on the wellness and athletic facilty projects, while road work on MacArthur Street is causing temporary delays as workers enhance the traffic artery on the north side of the campus.

Keep track of the construction and highway progress through these slideshows, which will be updated during each project:

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