Stain Glass Lecture Featured During OBU Convocation

Dr. Mark Brister, OBU president, began a 12-part series featuring the historic stained glass windows in Raley Chapel during convocation speaking about the southernmost window, the OBU seal.

Designed by former OBU president John Wesley Raley, the university seal centers around an image of the bible owned by OBU’s first president, Dr. James Melton Carroll. “The Bible is a reminder that a man, a human being, many years ago, was willing to make sacrifices in order to live by the principles of this book,” said Brister, “God breathed this book and this book breathes, which is why it is the center of the seal with rays of light illuminating it.”

Raley insisted on using a five-pointed star to delineate five purposes of Christian education which include the fine arts, science, literature, philosophy, and education. “The star with five points reminds us to be balanced and well educated,” said Brister, “So you can be a star.”

Guests are invited to join the OBU community for Chapel at 10 a.m. each Wednesday during the academic year.