Accounting Professor Makes Practical Applications

Dr. Todd Jackson, associate professor of accounting at Oklahoma Baptist University, recently gave a presentation to the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants on statistical forecasting using computerized tools.

Jackson is a member of the OSCPA's Continuing Profession Educational Committee. Practicing CPAs are required to complete 40 hours of continuing professional education training each year, Jackson said. The presentation was part of the annual Summer CPE Conference.

The focal point of Jackson's presentation was the demonstration of a forecasting expert system known as Autobox.

"This program automates many of the complex judgments that would be made by a statistician in modeling the behavior of a variable over time," Jackson said. "As such, it gives the CPA a valuable tool that can be used in many practical applications."

The presentation also included the potential applications of forecasting in auditing, fraud examination and management consulting.

"As an accounting academician, I saw this as a great opportunity to take what has primarily been considered a research tool and demonstrate how it can be used by those in accounting practice," Jackson said.

Jackson and his wife Donna have three children, Tabitha, Joseph, and Seth.