News and Information (Journalism)

News and Information is part of the Communication Arts division in the College of Fine Arts.

Degree Options

Degree Option Degree Plan Suggested Sequence
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in News and Information PDF PDF

What makes an OBU News and Information (Journalism) degree special?

When you graduate from OBU in news and information, you will understand the history of mass communication, the theories of mediated communication, and ethical and legal issues. In addition, news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, online writing, layout/design, photography, and editing are part of your preparation.

News and information students can expect to be involved in The Bison, OBU's weekly student newspaper and News30, OBU's weekly television newscast. Both student media productions have won numerous awards for comprehensive, quality news.

What are OBU grads doing with their News and Information (Journalism) degrees?

  • Copy Editor – Florida Baptist
  • Denver Post
  • Arkansas Graphic Design
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Oklahoma Sports Network
  • Technical Consultant, Dallas
  • Managing Editor, Shawnee News-Star
  • PR Editor, Louisiana newspaper

Faculty Roster

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Other Information

The Bison and Yahnseh staffs have the opportunity to attend out of state media centered conferences and workshops.

Guest speakers offer information on national publications, internship opportunities, and portfolio creation.

Degree Sheet Components

Each degree sheet includes the following:

  • Common Core: The Common Core consists of general education courses which are designed to develop the essential skills needed for all learning, provide a common core of knowledge for the intellectual life of the University, and set a context of meaning and value for the student’s specialized study in the area of concentration or major field.
  • Flex Core: The Flex Core consists of a minimum of 12 hours chosen to strengthen the Common Core but also to provide flexibility to serve specific needs of the various degrees.
  • Area of Specialization: Each student must complete an area of concentration of a minimum of 40 hours or a major of at least 30 hours and a minimum of 18 hours in a minor.

Minimum requirements for the baccalaureate degree are 128 semester hours of course work. All students complete a program of Common Core and Flex Core courses, and courses in an area of concentration, or major and minor courses, to bring the degree program to the minimum of 128 hours; some professional programs require more than this total number of hours. A minimum of 39 hours must be junior or senior level (courses numbered 3000-4999).