Graphic Design

Graphic Design is part of the Art and Design division in the Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts.

Degree Options

Degree Option Degree Plan Suggested Sequence
Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Graphic Design PDF PDF

What makes an OBU Graphic Design degree special?

The Art and Design Division of the College of Fine Arts offers several degrees that cover most of the fields of art. We are small enough that degrees can be tailored to individual’s particular interests in art. Art courses are a part of your freshman year curriculum. The student art club is active and you get to know your fellow art students from your first semester.

What are OBU grads doing with their Graphic Design degrees?

OBU Art and Design graduates are working in advertising as designers, graphic artists and illustrators. They are professional photographers. They are architects and interior finish specialists. Some have worked in the film industry and many are working artists. They are teachers in schools systems across the United States and in mission fields around the world. They are graduate students in institutions throughout America.

What courses can I take?

Graphic Design courses cover many aspects of design such as creation of logos, advertising, even project packaging. Students utilize software (primarily the Adobe Creative Suite) to take their concepts and sketches and bring them to life in a host of different media such as print, web, or 3D.

Faculty Roster

Learn more about our Art & Design faculty.

What do OBU Graphic Design faculty specialize in?

Studio faculties have expertise in the areas of painting and drawing, ceramics, graphic design, photography and the history of art.

Other Information

Opportunities for students include independent study in an area of artistic interest, study abroad, honors study and internships in an art related area. The Alpha Gamma Tau art club is active and conducts field trips to various museums and exhibitions throughout the year. We are also members of the Kappa Pi national art fraternal society.

Degree Sheet Components

Each degree sheet includes the following:

  • Common Core : The Common Core consists of general education courses which are designed to develop the essential skills needed for all learning, provide a common core of knowledge for the intellectual life of the University, and set a context of meaning and value for the student’s specialized study in the area of concentration or major field.
  • Flex Core : The Flex Core consists of a minimum of 12 hours chosen to strengthen the Common Core but also to provide flexibility to serve specific needs of the various degrees.
  • Area of Specialization : Each student must complete an area of concentration of a minimum of 40 hours or a major of at least 30 hours and a minimum of 18 hours in a minor.

Minimum requirements for the baccalaureate degree are 128 semester hours of course work. All students complete a program of Common Core and Flex Core courses, and courses in an area of concentration, or major and minor courses, to bring the degree program to the minimum of 128 hours; some professional programs require more than this total number of hours. A minimum of 39 hours must be junior or senior level (courses numbered 3000-4999).