Faculty and Staff

Administration and Staff

Name Title
Dr. Chris Hair Associate Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Division Chair, Language and Literature
Professor of English
Dr. Karen Longest Interim Dean, BASS & Language & Literature
Professor of Psychology
Dr. Bret Roark Chair, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Ralph and Marie Barby Chair
Professor of Psychology
Dr. Pam Robinson Director of Teacher Education
Division Chair, Teacher Education
Professor of Education
Dr. Norris Russell Division Chair, HHP
HHP Professor
Co-Faculty Athletics Representative
Tina Nickerson Secretary, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title
Dr. Jeanne Akin Mary A. White Professor of Education
Dr. Jonathan Callis Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Brian Camp Professor of Family Science
Dr. Antonio A. Chiareli Professor of Sociology and Intercultural Studies
Dr. Canaan Crane Professor of Psychology
Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Program
Dr. Tom Darling Associate Professor
Dr. Paul Donnelly Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
Dr. Kaine Ezell Associate Professor of English
Rebecca Marie Farley Assistant Professor of Education
Dr. Brian Horn Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Carol Humphrey Professor of History
Liz Justice Assistant Professor of Special Education
Dr. Camille Lafleur Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Dr. Lucrecia Litherland Professor of Language
Dr. Christopher P. McMillion Assistant Professor of Political Science
Dr. Benjamin Myers Crouch-Mathis Professor of Literature
Professor of Literature and English
Dr. Brent Newsom Associate Professor of English
Dr. Alan Noble Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Lindsey Panxhi Director of the Honors Program
Assistant Professor of English
Julie Parrick Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Dr. Chad Payn SAR/HHP Assistant Professor
NSRMC Director
Dr. John Powell Professor of History
Dr. Sherri Raney Professor of History and Political Science
Radonna Roark Assistant Professor of French
Dr. Jessica Rohr Assistant Professor of English, TESOL
Dr. Daniel Spillman Associate Professor of History
Dr. Charles Swadley Associate Professor of English and Spanish
Dr. Sidney Watson Professor of English
Dr. Lyda Murillo Wilbur Assistant Professor of Spanish
Dr. Kellie D. Young Assistant Professor of Education