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Student Profile: Project Management

Have you considered earning your MBA in Project Management? With classes offered completely online or through a combination of online and in person classes, OBU has options to help you fit a degree into your busy schedule, even if you are employed. Need further motivation? It only takes 24 months to complete this program.

Earning a degree in project management is a smart choice because it provides well-rounded education for management careers, allowing you to keep your options open to many potential employers and career paths.

Career possibilities with a project management degree include CEO, business development manager, clinical program director, environmental project manager, quality assurance manager, corporate strategy engagement consultant, senior program manager, and project management consultant.

Two current OBU students shared about their journeys into project management. Read their stories to help determine if a project management degree is the right choice for you.

Gideon Asante

Current OBU MBA student Gideon Asante is working toward his master’s degree while continuing in his current role at Feed the Children.

Asante graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management. He played soccer at Old Dominion while earning his undergraduate degree.

During school, Asante interned at BASF, working on a project focused on making the company more efficient. He laughs explaining that he was doing all the components of project management, like initiation, execution, and closure, but didn’t recognize the official processes yet. It was at BASF that Asante got his first taste of project management and found a passion.

Once he graduated, Asante went on to KPG Logistics but quickly determined he wasn’t quite ready for the corporate world, although he enjoyed the work. He ventured off to work on one of his friend’s farms. It was here that Asante’s world collided with OBU. His friend advised him to consider a master’s degree. His friend’s daughter, Anna Howle, serves as OBU’s head volleyball coach, and she encouraged Asante to consider OBU. After further discussion and research, Asante determined it was a good time to go back to school and get his master’s degree.

Asante decided to pursue project management because that is where his passion was leading him and he liked the infinite options.

“There are so many projects that I can be in charge of,” he said. “I knew it wouldn’t be a piece of cake, and that there was a lot involved, but I was willing to take it on.”

Asante is enjoying his experience at OBU.

“People at OBU have been great. They have helped me out when I needed help,” Asante said. “It has been a blessing.”

Asante takes classes both online and in person, but prefers to be in an actual classroom. He appreciates the added face-to-face time he gets with professors. Another bonus Asante mentions is that he enjoys spending time with classmates to learn from their experiences.

“The more I talk with other students and listen, the more perspectives I can have,” he said.

Asante plans to complete his degree in two years. His dream job is to become an ambassador of Christ and help people through supply chain management and project management.

Robert Marquardt

Robert Marquardt is also pursuing his master’s degree in project management. He attended OBU as an undergraduate and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration while working on campus in general maintenance.

After graduation, Marquardt was promoted to facilities project coordinator. In this position, he began dealing with more projects, leading him to pursue his master’s degree. “I wanted to become a more proficient project manager,” he said.

He also truly enjoys learning. “The professors are all great and I really enjoy the lectures, which I thought I’d dread,” he said. “OBU professors are passionate and knowledgeable about what they are teaching.”

Marquardt noted that the professors provide real world examples. For instance, one of his latest professors had 40 years of project management experience in the military to draw examples from for class learning.

Marquardt plans on completing his Project Management Professional (PMP), the gold standard of project management certification. He also shared that a Ph.D. has crossed his mind.

Marquardt has lived in Shawnee for 20 years and appreciates OBU being nearby.

“I believe in the mission of OBU integrating faith and learning,” he said.

Does a MBA in project management interest you? Contact one of our counselors today to advance your career.