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How the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at OBU Incorporates Christian Values

You’ve decided Marriage and Family Therapy is the degree you want to pursue, but now you’re looking for the right MFT program for you. The culture of each MFT program varies by school, and it’s important to find the culture that best fits your needs. If you want a program that is focused on integrating Christian faith into the Marriage and Family Therapy practice and want a Christian perspective for your training, the MFT program at OBU is a great choice for you.

Christian Faculty

Surrounding students with positive, Christian mentors and faculty enables our students to have important faith-based conversations about their careers. Discerning which direction to go with your career isn’t easy, especially when there are so many employment options for MFT graduates. Our Christian faculty can advise you and help you weigh the options to decide what role your faith will have in your career.

“All of our faculty members are Christians and we’re able to encourage important conversations about faith with our students,” said Dr. Canaan Crane, director of Marriage and Family Therapy at OBU.

Faith is Regularly Discussed in Class

At OBU, discussions about how your faith can be connected with a career in MFT happen daily.

“Our classes have regular discussions about how faith is important in both our lives and in our clients’ lives,” Crane said. “We strive to equip our students to understand a biblical worldview and we hope that our students will provide excellent services to clients that incorporate a holistic perspective.

“We believe that having faith in mind as you counsel clients is an important value, and that having open discussions about faith and religious beliefs in the classroom can only prepare our students more for the opportunities they will encounter after graduation.”

Students are Prepared for a Variety of MFT Jobs

Our programs prepare students for many different MFT careers, regardless of which specific area they wish to pursue. From Christian to secular organizations, there are many opportunities available for graduates of our MFT program.

“Our students are equipped to provide excellent service in whatever mission field they are called to. This may be working in a religious organization, however many of our students work in agencies, private practice, hospitals, tribal organizations, schools and other academic settings. We affirm that God calls us to share the light of Christ wherever we find ourselves,” Crane said.

If the aspect of Christian faith is something you are looking for in an MFT program, OBU has everything you need to grow your faith while learning from some of the industry’s best MFT professors. If you’re interested in our program or have additional questions about the role your faith can play in Marriage and Family Therapy, request more information today.