Nursing Education
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Program Highlights

Total cost: $19,250
Cost per credit hour: $550
Credit hours: 35
Online Classes
Total cost: $5,500
Cost per credit hour: $550
Credit hour: 10

Program Features

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Nursing Education Certificate

The Nurse Educator Certificate Program is for post masters nursing majors who would like to gain the expertise needed to impact the next generation of nurses in the classroom. This program is geared toward effective strategies in nursing education, curriculum design and evaluation. A practicum experience is designed to allow student to participate in classroom and clinical instruction.

Nurse Educator Certificate Courses (10 credit hours)

Admissions Requirements for Certificate Programs

Those interested in receiving one of the certificate programs listed above should follow the following application process:

  1. Complete online College of Graduate and Professional Studies Application.
  2. Submit validation of a Master of Nursing from a program accredited by an approved nursing accrediting body. This must be mailed by the institution to: OBU Graduate School, 500 W. University, OBU box 61262, Shawnee, OK 74804.
  3. Submit validation of a current license to practice professional nursing in the United States.