OBU Theatre Auditions

A Murder is Announced 

By Agatha Christie
Adapted by Leslie Darbon


Craig-Dorland Theater, Shawnee Hall


Monday, February  26th @ 6:00 PM -7:30 PM


A one-minute monologue in the style of the show. Standard RP/British dialect is optional, but will be required during callbacks. *Callbacks will be on the same night and will begin shortly after the last audition. Actors will be notified after the last audition in Shawnee Hall*

The signup sheet will be posted on the Callboard outside the Sarkeys Black Box on February 19th.  Please sign up for your audition time!


On the suspicious day of Friday the 13th, lodgers of Little Paddocks, a boarding house in the small town of Chipping Cleghorn, are shocked to find an announcement in the local gazette that a murder will occur that very night at 6:30 P.M. in the very house they reside in. Not putting much stock into the advertisement, Letitia Blacklock, owner of Little Paddocks, decides to have a dinner party expecting guests for the spectacle. Time ticks by as neighbors join the party in apprehension of a possible murder. As the clock strikes 6:30, the party goer are plunged into darkness as an unknown man invades. Three gunshots later, the lights return to a surprising twist: the gunman is lying dead. The question is which one of the unsuspecting house guests committed the act, and just how many lies have been woven?


  • Letitia Blacklock - Rational owner of Little Paddocks; slightly above middle age.
  • Dora Bunner - Eccentric best friend of Miss Blacklock since they were children.
  • Julia Simmons - Quick-witted niece of Miss Blacklock; mid-twenties.
  • Patrick Simmons - Julia’s debonair but lazy older brother; mid-twenties.
  • Mitzi - Miss Blacklock’s Hungarian explosive cook; mid-twenties.
  • Miss Marple - An elderly lady with an inquisitive mind who happens to find herself involved in murders.
  • Phillipa Haymes - An elegant-looking young mother boarding at Little Paddocks; surprisingly grounded in her way of thinking.
  • Clara Swettenham - Polite yet nosy neighbor to Miss Blacklock; mid-fifties
  • Edmund Swettenham - Mrs. Swettenham’s cynical son who fancies himself a writer; mid-twenties.
  • Rudi Scherz - The announced, unlucky intruder.
  • Inspector Craddock - An over-worked but smart police officer tasked with solving the murder.
  • Sergeant Mellors - Inspector Craddock’s right hand man.


First rehearsal will be Monday, March 5th @ 6:30 PM


The show will run two weekends, April 19th-22nd and 26th-29th. 

Contact thea@okbu.edu with any questions.