Enrollment Opens

  • May 15 for Fall Semester
  • October 15 for Spring Semester
  • March 1 for Summer Session

Enrollment Process

  1. Submit the enrollment form (below) before every semester/session in which you would like to participate.
  2. After submitting your enrollment form, you will receive a personalized e-mail from us confirming your enrollment and providing payment information.
  3. Your instructor will contact you prior to the start of lessons/rehearsals for scheduling and location.

Additional Information

  • If you are unable to enroll online, please call us at 405.585.4329 and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Enrollment form and any required payments must be received before instruction can take place. 
  • Choirs require an audition for entry. Enroll before the deadline and select "no" to the question "Have you completed an audition" then call or e-mail us (405-585-4329/prep@okbu.edu) to reserve your audition slot. If you are not placed in a choir, we will issue a full refund of any tuition paid.