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Earn Your Bachelor of Business Administration in Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is offered through the Paul Dickinson College of Business.

Social Entrepreneurship is a relatively new major in the College of Business arising from the growing realization that corporate social responsibility extends well beyond providing employment and quality goods and services at competitive prices. Social enterprises seek to harness expertise in management, marketing, information systems and finance to create profitable businesses that address social problems that once were exclusively the purview of governments or charitable organizations. Students will study a wide variety of social enterprise models and cases and work together to design (and often launch) their own businesses.

Program Options

Program Option Degree Plan
Bachelor of Business Administration in Social Entrepreneurship PDF

What makes an OBU Social Entrepreneurship degree special?

Globalization, maturing economies and an interest in corporate responsibility and sustainability have created a growing demand for men and women who can imagine and manage organizations that are contributors to the social, physical, economic and spiritual well-being of the markets they serve. Social Entrepreneurship is a new field of study with degrees recently introduced to the academic curriculum of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Because Social Entrepreneurship is new to most universities, the emphasis up to now has been on managing not-for-profit charitable, government and NGO organizations. At OBU, the principles underlying Social Entrepreneurship have been around for decades and therefore are equally applied to for-profit organizations, especially those whose goals include impact and influence for Christ.

What are OBU grads doing with their Social Entrepreneurship degrees?

OBU graduates have been leading the way in global Social Entrepreneurship for decades. Their experience in the marketplace has contributed to the development of a program whose principles and practices are well tested. In addition to churches, missions, non-profits and government roles, OBU social entrepreneurs have started, funded and operated highly effective enterprises in the United States, China, Russia, Brazil. Some of these have become recognized models referred to as “Great Commission Companies” and will be case studies for students in the program.


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