Bachelor of Arts in Animation

Animation is a program of study offered through the Division of Art and Design in the Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts

3D generated models and animation have permeated all areas of the art industry. From animated movies, to commercials, from apps for mobile devices to simulation and video games, 3D is all around us. 3D Artists use a specific toolset to create and manipulate objects in a virtual environment that are then rendered to be placed in a wide variety of applications from print to motion media.   

Degree Plans

Bachelor of Arts in Animation PDF

What makes an OBU Animation degree special?

OBU Animation students are creative and dedicated, motivated to design, build, and animate in 3D space.  These students take courses in 3D animation as well as 3D modeling and a number of supportive classes in a variety of digital media to prepare for the challenges that face them in a competitive job market.  When they graduate, they will have the skillset to create both hard surface and organic models and to understand 3D lighting and rendering as well as the ability to bring characters to life with performance-based animation.  

What are OBU grads doing with their Animation degrees?

Being a 3D artist, you will have the tools to begin a career in a wide range of jobs, either working at a studio doing a specific task or generalizing and using a broad set of skills and software knowledge to create and complete visual projects.  


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