Couples' Retreat

Date: February 15, 2019 – February 16, 2019

Categories: Spiritual Life

The Couples Retreat is a grant-funded event we must apply for each year in order to receive the grant money to carry out the event.  It is for seriously dating, engaged and married couples (at least one of the couple must attend OBU).  The grant provider sends us a Christian couple trained through their organization to work with our students on how to communicate better as a couple, married or un-married.  They also teach the students about successfully dealing with conflicts in a relationship.  The event is then followed up 3 weeks later with the Great Date Night event at a local restaurant.  During this event, our local hosts provide even more tools for the couples to use in their marriage or future marriage.  The couples provide feedback on the event/speakers to the grant organization by filling our assessments several times during the two events.  Each couple will also receive a $30 gift card from Walmart for participating in the two events.   

It is preferably held each year at the end of our annual OBU Focus Week.  Students are invited through email after getting names from the Married Student Housing list, RDs and just word of mouth.  A slide is shown during Wednesday chapels announcing the event and students email to get registered.  We typically host about 20 couples each year.

Contact Information

Name: Kelley Chlouber