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Theatre Scholarship

Theatre Scholarships are available to qualifying students with outstanding talent in performance, design/tech theatre, or stage management. Students must major or minor in Theatre. If you have any additional questions, please contact

Requirements for Theatre Scholarship

Students applying for a scholarship must complete the following guidelines.

  1. Apply to Oklahoma Baptist University. While OBU Theatre will hear your audition at any time, we will not be able to offer financial aid until you have applied and been accepted to the university.
  2. Submit completed Scholarship Application.
  3. After receipt of the Scholarship Application, we will contact you.
  4. If you wish to meet on campus, we will set a day and time.
    • Preparation for the on-campus audition / technical review and interview is as follows.
      • The scholarship audition will include two contrasting monologues, each 1-2 minutes in length, or a monologue and 16 bars from a published Broadway musical (accompaniment required).
      • The technical review will include a review of your portfolio in printed or digital format, then an assessment of technical theatre experience.
      • After the audition or technical review, the candidate will interview with faculty to determine experience, interest level, and commitment. 
  5. If you cannot come to campus, we offer this alternative:
    • Record a 1-3 minute statement that includes the following information: 
      • A standard slate: greeting, your name, grade level, where you are currently enrolled, and your hometown.  
      • Your primary area of interest (performance, technical, theatre education, play writing, or criticism) and why you are passionate about that area of theatre.
      • A very brief history of your theatre work that emphasizes your best work. Obviously, your choices will tie back to your primary area of interest.
      • Briefly tell us why OBU is your first choice of schools.
      • Your ultimate ambition after graduating from OBU. What specifically do you plan for your career and how do you define success? WARNING: Do not limit yourself with "realistic thinking."
      • Conclude by restating your name.
    • Be warned that this is not as easy as it sounds! We will be evaluating every aspect of your video. We are looking for intentional choices of wardrobe, background, visual and sound quality, verbal preparation, and onscreen presence.
    • Once you have recorded and edited your video, upload it to YouTube (unlisted) and send a link to:
  6. While written recommendations are not required, a message from your high school drama teacher, community theatre director, summer theatre work, church drama leader, etc. can be emailed to