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Theatre Scholarship

Theatre Scholarships are available to qualifying students with outstanding talent in performance, design/tech theatre, or stage management. Students must major or minor in Theatre. If you have any additional questions, please contact

Requirements for Theatre Scholarship

Students applying for a scholarship must complete the following guidelines.

  1. Apply to Oklahoma Baptist University. While OBU Theatre will hear your audition at any time, we will not be able to offer financial aid until you have applied and been accepted to the university.
  2. Submit completed Scholarship Application.
  3. Interview with faculty to determine the candidates experience, interest level, and commitment. After completion of the Scholarship Application, we will contact you to set up an interview and audition/review date.
  4. Audition and/or Technical Review
    • The performance audition will include two contrasting monologues; for example, one comedic and one dramatic, each 1-2 minutes in length.
    • The technical review will include a review of knowledge of basic carpentry, lighting, costuming, and/or submission of portfolio material.
  5. Provide recommendations from at least two different persons who know your work. Recommendations can be emailed to, or mailed to OBU Theatre, 500 W. University, Shawnee, OK, 74804. This could be your high school drama teacher, community theatre director, summer theatre work, church drama leader, etc.