Admissions FAQ

How much does it cost to attend OBU?

First there's the larger number -- for tuition. OBU is impressively one of the lower cost Christian universities. Our tuition for is. The next calculation is where you'll live and eat. For a freshman, it's for fall and spring housing and meals. Lastly, there are fees for things like the free concert series, other campus life events, and some materials including the yearbook. That number comes to for a grand total of. It's not cheap, but our financial aid office is ready to help you shave some of that figure down.

What are my meal options?

You can choose from several meal-plan options.
Unlimited access to the cafeteria and $50 Bison Bucks
- 220 meals per semester and $125 Bison Bucks
- 150 meals per semester and $150 Bison Bucks
- 60 meals per semester and $60 Bison Bucks, or 80 meals per semester and $100 Bison Bucks (for apartment students only)
- 50, 25, or 10 meals (for commuter students)

What are the dorms like?

Great! At least that's the report. We have one dormitory and three apartment complexes for men. There are two dormitories, two suite complexes, and two apartment complexes for women. When you visit we'll give you a complete tour.

Do I have to live in the dorms?

If you're under 21, yes. Why? We really want your college experience to be one of community.

What are the student fees for?

The Student Service Fee partially funds the operations of departments related to student services and life. Here's a long list: library listening center and media center, health service, counseling (career planning and placement, testing, and special services), student computer labs, events and concerts on campus throughout the school year, class cabinets, and SGA Senate.