J-Term Housing and Dining Fee


If you are enrolled in a J-term class, you will receive a scholarship for the cost of housing and will only be responsible for meal plan costs.

Scholarships will be applied after enrollment for J-Term closes. The entire cost will appear on your December statement and then the scholarship will be applied within the first week of classes.


WMU $444
Kerr and Howard House $406
Agee $406
Howard Apt. $520
Taylor $500
East Dev. $491
West University Apt. $606
Apt. Village (with laundy) $744
Apt. Village (without laundy) $688
Lodge $625

Meal plans

15 meal plan ($25 Bison Bucks) 32 meal plan ($25 Bison Bucks) 44 meal plan ($15 Bison Bucks)
$190   $310  $390