Oklahoma Baptist University

Fitness Trainers

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Paul Brown:

With 13 years experience, he has his training from Cooper Institute and NFPA. His philosophy centers on fitness being not perfection but progression and that an individual cannot exercise out a bad diet. He holds a degree in accounting from OBU. Paul is currently working on his Personal Training degree from OBU. He has also taught adjunct classes at St. Gregory's University. Paul enjoys working with people to help them attain and maintain their health goals.

Mike Ebbers:

Mike has worked as a certified trainer since May of 2013. He is certified by the NCCPT, and is currently pursuing a degree in personal training from OBU. Mike's training specialty is working with elderly clients who have back, hip, shoulder, and/or knee issues. His philosophy in training is that most health issues can be corrected or at least significantly decreased with a solid exercise regimen and diet plan. He has a track record of helping his clients lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat percentage, and bone loss.