The Residential Life Handbook Section 9

9) Residential Life Staff Directory

Rhonda Jones Kerr Dormitory/Howard Residence Center/Midland Apts./East Devereaux Apts.
Holly Edwards Taylor Residence Center and West University Apartments
  Agee Dorm/MacArthur Apt.
Michael Burns

Director of Residential Life

Francis Edwards

Agee Residence Center and MacArthur Apt.

Erin Guleserian


RD Contact Information

Facility Name   Box #   EXT
Agee Residence Center (ARC)     61144   5271
East Devereaux Apartments Rhonda Jones   61147   2901
Howard Residence Center (HRC) Rhonda Jones   61147   5272
Kerr Dormitory Rhonda Jones   61147   5276
MacArthur Apartments     61144   5271
Midland Apartments Rhonda Jones   61144   5272
Taylor Residence Center (TRC) Brittany Donnelly   61152   5273
WMU Dormitory     61153   5274
West University Apartments (WUA)     61152   5273