The Residential Life Handbook Section 10

10) Residential Life Related Charges

a) Housing Charges

The following charges are for living in on-campus housing and eating in the cafeteria for one semester during the academic year.

Dormitory Style Housing: Per Semester J-term 4-week summer term
Agee Dormitory     NA
Howard Dormitory     NA
Kerr Dormitory     NA
Taylor Residence Center     NA
WMU Dormitory     NA
Apartment Style Housing: Per Semester J-term 4-week summer term
East Devereaux Apartments      
Howard Apartments      
MacArthur Apartments      
Midland Apartments      
West University Apartments      

All of the above charges include telephone, basic cable television, and access to the Internet through the OBU system in the charge for the system.

b) Meal Plan Options

All students living in campus housing are provided with a meal plan in the costs indicated above (with the exception of the summer terms during which the cafeteria is not opened for student meals). Dormitory residents may choose from a 150 or 220 block meal plans with retail meal exchanges or an ultimate access meal plan. Each meal plan includes a specified amount of Bison Bucks which can be used at any of the food service locations. Unused amounts expire at the end of each term.

Apartment residents are provided with an apartment flex plan which consists of 60 or 80 meal equivalents which can be used in the Cafe on the Hill or at any of the Geiger Center locations.

c) Private Room Charges

Private rooms are frequently not available. When they are, they are typically only offered in Agee and Kerr Dormitories. The private room cost is 31% of the housing cost per semester in addition to the regular cost of housing.

(See Section Six for more details).

d) Damages Charges & Fines

These charges reflect the costs of repairs, replacement, labor, and fines. The list below is a partial one. These charges are only approximate; special circumstances may require additional charges. All charges will be divided among the residents of a room if responsibility for damage cannot be conclusively determined prior to check-out. For more specific information, residents should contact their Residence Director.

Failure to clean room $25
Failure to remove all belongings when vacating a room $25
Removal of carpet $10-50
Removal of carpet tape $20
Stained or dirty carpet (if permanent, assessed by RD) $25
Removal of contact paper, stickers, paint, double stick tape putty, gunk, staples, borders, hot glue, etc. $5 per sq ft
Missing/Damaged Screen $75-120
Failure to properly bunk beds $25
Missing Furniture replacement cost
Nail/Tack holes $50 per wall
Wall damage $50 per wall
Failure to turn in keys $25 per key
Damaged/Stained Mattress $50
Leaving items in the hall, sidewalk or in stairwells $50
Refinishing doors $75 per door
Total door replacement $200
Failure to remove personal belongings from room/apt $25
Late checkout $25 every 15 min. past 5 p.m.

(For more information on Check Out Charges see Section One: Moving Out)

/campuslife/reslife/handbook/NT CHARGES
Key $25 each
University furnishings Replacement cost
Removed Screen (partial or full in a non-emergency) $25.00
Open Flame (including candles) $50 per incident
Locked out of your room $1 per incident
Improper check-in or check-out $25
Pets, other than fish (per occurrence) $50
Re-keying a lock $25
Returning furnishing to designated rooms $25 minimum
Late check-out (at holiday or end of term) $25 for every 15 mins. after posted closing time

Please note: Cancellations of campus housing which occur after the first day of class will result in a charge of the full room rent for that term. No exceptions!