Campus Ministry Staff

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Dean of Spiritual Life

Dale Griffin

Dale Griffin has served the campus of OBU since 2002, he oversees Chapel and the spiritual life department. He can assist you in finding a place to serve here on campus and his vision for campus ministry at OBU encompasses all elements of the university. "OBU is Campus Ministry," is his heartfelt opinion.

Director of Student Ministry

Odus Compton

Odus Compton joined the Spiritual Life staff in 2008 and is now serving as the director for student ministry at OBU tasked with providing a ministry of discipleship for every student on campus. Ministry opportunities are bountiful on and off campus. Odus will assist you as you grow in your personal dynamic relationship with God, develop as a disciple maker, and engage the nations.

Director of Church Relations

Wendell Lang

Wendell Lang joined the Spiritual Life Staff in 2010. He works with churches, associations and staff in Oklahoma promoting partnerships between OBU and local churches as well as planning special events. Wendell can also assist students connect with churches statewide through ministry opportunities.

Director of Global Outreach

Dr. Joy Turner

Dr. Joy Turner returns to OBU after a significant ministry for nineteen years with international students in Oahu, Hawaii. Dr. Turner is a graduate of OBU, an Olympic athlete, a model for mission and vision, and will assist you as you seek to discover your best Global Outreach experience while at OBU.

Director of Avery T. Willis Center for Global Outreach

Missionary in Residence

Dr. Bruce Carlton

Student Ministry Associate of Evangelism and Mobilization (NAMB)

Dayla Rowland

The Gydel S. Rogers-Porter Student Ministry Associate

Leanna Davenport

Our Mission & Purpose

Purpose Statement

Campus Ministry is the intentional and ongoing development of a Christian worldview fully integrated into life for all OBU students.

Mission Statement

Campus Ministry exists at Oklahoma Baptist University as a partner within the university encouraging and facilitating the personal spiritual development of every student on campus.

  1. Campus Ministry is woven through the fiber of the university meeting students where they are.
  2. Campus Ministry is biblically based and culturally relevant in all of its initiatives.
  3. Campus Ministry is faith development and academic achievement working in concert leading students to integrate a Christian worldview into every area of their lives.
  4. Campus Ministry helps students grow through the education of and involvement in a wide variety of ministry and missions.

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