I-94 Information

As of 2013, the I-94 card (which was once stapled inside a student’s passport) is an electronic document.

Old I-94 Sample
** I-94 cards issued prior to 2013

Though the document is now electronic; there are a few departments that still require a paper form of this document. In the case that a department (like the dept. of motor vehicles, social security administration, or the OBU Payroll dept.) desires this paper copy the student must go to the Customs and Border Patrol website (https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html) and fill in the appropriate information from their last entry to the US. Once entered the student should click “submit” and then print the page that is produced. This will replace the necessity for the card seen above.

If a student still has the card shown above it should be given to immigration the next time he/she leaves the country with the understanding that another card will not be issued.