Counseling Refer

Thank you for your concern for our students. Showing an interest and helping them affirms their validity and worth. Many times, listening and providing encouragement is exactly what is needed. When you sense that is not enough, referral to University Counseling is a viable option. Below are some thoughts for the reluctant:

  • Remind students that they need not have a "deep dark" problem nor does the problem need to reach crisis proportions for them to benefit from professional help.
  • Better to come in with a small problem than wait for it to become a big one.
  • Receiving counseling can be like "taking a class to learn about oneself."
  • Reluctant students might be relieved to know that they can come in on a one-time basis without making a commitment to on-going therapy.
  • Remind the student that the services are free and the same service in the private sector can cost between $90 and $125 per hour.
  • Inform the student that counseling is about helping people develop awareness and tools to help themselves.
  • Services are confidential.

How Will I Know If This Person Received Counseling?

Ask that person. Because counseling is confidential, we can neither inform you if the student came to University Counseling nor reveal what they talked about. Therefore, the best way to find out if the person came in is to personally follow-up with the individual.

Observations you provide regarding the student can be valuable to the treatment process, and we appreciate your input. It is also vitally important for students to take responsibility for their own mental health. Therefore all counseling appointments must be made by the student. Referrals are not sufficient for scheduling an appointment. You may desire to assist the student in scheduling an appointment and we encourage you to do so. Thank you for helping students follow-through with their counseling needs.