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Application for OBU Kanakuk Enrollment
OBU offers courses for academic credit at Kanakuk Kamp each summer. You can enroll for Kanakuk courses by completing this brief online form.
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Kinesiology and Leisure Studies 2903,
Camp Administration
Credit Hours: 3
Session:     1    2    3   
Kinesiology and Leisure Studies 2079,
Practicum: Camp Administration
Credit Hours: 3
Session:     1   2   3   
Kinesiology and Leisure Studies 4789,
Internship: Camp Administration
Credit Hours:     3   6   
Session:     1   2   3   


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Course Cost

Each credit hour costs $431. (Therefore, a three-hour course will cost $1,293.)

There will be a $65 Student Service Fee if you are enrolling in three or more credit hours.

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