Oklahoma Baptist University

In Memory of Dean Warren M. Angell

Funeral Services, Friday, May 12, 2006, at 2 p.m. CDT
Andrew Potter Auditorium
John Wesley Raley Chapel
Oklahoma Baptist University

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Alumni members and current members of the Bison Glee Club and alumni from the Angell-era Bisonette Glee Club are invited to be part of a choral group which will sing at the funeral service. Rehearsal will begin at 12:30 p.m. Friday in Raley Chapel 203. For information, contact Richard Huggins, huggins88@yahoo.com.

Alumni, family and friends of Dean Angell are invited to a dinner in the Geiger Center following graveside services on Friday. This buffet dinner, hosted by OBU's Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts, will offer the chance for alumni and friends to visit informally on the University campus. Guests who do not attend the graveside services are welcome to view a video tribute to Dean Angell in Geiger Center 222, or visit other areas of the campus.

A Photographic Tribute
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Comments from OBU Alumni regarding Dean Warren M. Angell

When I think of all the students that have studied with me through the years, I know that the Dean had an impact on every one of them, simply because of the ways he influenced and inspired me.
Betty Fowler Capshaw, Class of ’58

The influence of Dean Angell was great even on those of us who were in club long after his retirement. And his legacy will continue through OBU and the BGC for many more years.
Jason Henson, Class of ’95

Dean was such a happy person, and he made so many other people feel happy and special in their own way.
– Judy Nunnelee Leigh, Class of ’67

I had the privilege of spending some time at their home for SAI things, and while the other girls were in the other room doing stuff, I sat back with the Dean talking about Glee Club and classes and stuff. He was such a sweetheart to take the time from whatever he was doing to chat with me. Those conversations will always hold a special place in my memories.
– Mary Heape, Class of ’79

While I make my living using words, they don't seem to come to me when I think about Dean. So many memories. – Bill Rayborn, Class of ’59 This will be a glorious celebration and farewell to this man we all love so much. He told me one time that “anticipation is part of enjoyment.” He has been anticipating his trip to Glory and is no doubt enjoying it now.
– Donna Nigh Jones, Class of ’58

My conducting models so much of his style. Strangers can identify an OBU music graduate because of the Dean's influence. My choral conductor, professor, mentor, inspiration and friend. How blessed I, like all of you, are because of his life.
- Hildegard Stanley, Class of ’59

We’re all so sad. I know we rejoice to envision Dean in Glory, finally seeing his Master face to face. But OH! ... we’re loathe to turn him loose from our presence down here.
– Margi Hawkins, Class of ’66

We will both miss him so much. I still feel as though I am in a daze. He was so dear to all of us, so much fun and of course lit up the room when he walked in. He had a way of making each of us feel special. We loved him so very much.
– Vivian Susil, Class of ’70