Don’t Be a Bully!’ Showcase Welcomes Local Children

“Don’t Be a Bully!” fifth-grade students from Will Rogers Elementary School in Shawnee, Okla., learned as they gained hands-on lessons about historical profiling Wednesday, April 6, at OBU.

OBU Students in the Social Studies Methods course presented a children’s interactive museum showcasing the “Ruby Bridges Story,” Trails of Tears, post-9/11 New York City and Japanese internment camps for the lessons that can be learned about making the world a kinder, safer and better place.

The course is taught by Dr. Jeanne Akin, professor of education. For more than 20 years, OBU’s Division of Teacher Education has hosted the semi-annual social studies project for local fifth-grade students. The OBU community was invited to also walk through the museum and see the creative endeavors of the OBU education majors while watching the children learn about the important history lessons.

The interactive museum was created by Rebekah Harshberger, a junior from Meade, Kan.; Emily Yates, a junior from Seminole, Okla.; Kate Scottow, a junior from Plano, Texas; Ann Berry, a senior from Electric City, Wash.; Krista McGehee, a junior from Edmond, Okla.; Keah Robertson, a junior from Cleveland, Okla.; Melissa Johnson, a sophomore from Tecumseh, Okla.; Melissa McGehee, a junior from Shawnee; Chelsie Courtney, a junior from Mill Creek, Okla.; Andrea Melontree, a senior from Lawton, Okla.; Courtney Anderson, a junior from McKinney, Texas; and Kelsie Collins, a junior from Shawnee.

OBU student Kate Scottow, a junior from Plano, Texas, reads a story about Ruby Bridges to fifth graders.

Akin said the project not only brings history alive for the education majors, but it also helps them develop a passion for finding meaningful ways to make it come alive for their future students.