Lowry Presents Fashion Designs, Paintings in Senior Art Show

OBU senior Kristen Lowry said she believes art is an individual’s perception of the world, people and everything around them.

“Everyone can produce art,” said Lowry, who will present a senior art show of her own works in the OBU art gallery April 9-14. The display, located in the art building, will be presented from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the course of the show.

Lowry, who is a studio art major from Katy, Texas, said her interest in art started at a young age. In high school, she went into theatre and discovered costume design, which led her onto the path of fashion design.

“I think that one passion that has pushed me to becoming an artist is having my mom there to show me what it is like to follow dreams,” said Lowry, who described her mother as an artist in music. “She is a piano teacher, and after taking 10 years of piano, it showed me to always pursue things I love.”

Lowry said her art show will showcase many of the fashion clothing she has designed and made. The inspiration for most of her work, she said, is nature; trees, flowers and songs. She also is inspired by different artists for specific areas of her artwork: Alexander McQueen in fashion design, and Malcolm Liepke in paintings and drawings.

Lowry expressed that her heroes in art are her professors, who have taught her “so much about life and what it means to be an artist.”

Following graduation, Lowry said she hopes to secure an internship, land a design position, and eventually, follow her heroes in art into higher education. But as she pursues her goal of graduate school and becoming a professor, Lowry said she will stay true to her own art.

“I will always want to produce and sell art and further my abilities,” she said.