Alum Signs Publishing Contract

Seventeen-year-old Whitnee returns to a popular summer camp from her childhood only to be haunted by mysterious visions. In the young adult fantasy book, "Phantom Island: Wind," the story continues as Whitnee encounters many strange adventures and exciting twists and turns.

OBU alum Krissi Dallas originally self-published her book and released the sequel, "Phantom Island: Water," in 2010. She recently signed a contract with Tate Publishing, a Christian-based, family-owned, mainline publishing organization, which will split both books into two volumes and publish them in a four-part series.

Dallas graduated from OBU in 2002 with a major in family psychology. She teaches English and language arts at Springtown Middle School in Springtown, Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where she lives with her husband, Sam.

"Since I am primarily around teenagers, I observe and interact with that world a lot," Dallas said. "All of that filters into my writing, so a lot of my characters and conflicts and even setting come from real experiences."

Dallas plans to continue her Phantom Island series with the addition of two more books.

For more information about Dallas or the Phantom Island series, or to purchase the books, click here.