Business Students Complete Capsim Simulation

Seniors in OBU's Paul S. Dickinson School of Business have again proven themselves among the best business students in the United States. Two teams of OBU students ("Andrews" team and "Baldwin" team) successfully complete the Capsim business simulation recently.

Capsim business simulations engage participants in a dynamic competition to turn struggling companies into successful, profitable businesses. Classes are divided into teams that work together to focus on strategy, finance, production, marketing and all the key elements that interact to build their business.

The OBU "Andrews" team consisted of seniors Rachel Creach, from Spokane Valley, Wash., and Donny Greenawalt, Josh Karr, Kristen Karr and Heather Strech, all from Shawnee, Okla.

The OBU "Baldwin" team consisted of seniors Zach Altis, from St. Louis, Mo.; Shea Brown, from Pampa, Texas; Jason Coleman, from Broken Bow, Okla.; Craig Donnelly, from Shawnee; Justin Law, from Midwest City, Okla.; and Kristin Pearson, from Tulsa, Okla.

OBU's "Andrews" team scored at the 83rd percentile (83 percent of the teams competing had scores below the OBU "Andrews" team). OBU's "Baldwin" team scored at the 89th percentile (89 percent of the teams competing had scores below the OBU "Baldwin" team).

"The teams' scores are a testament to both the students' hard work and the quality of education they receive at OBU," said Dr. David Houghton, dean of the School of Business. "The strong performance in the Capsim simulation is affirming for both the students and the faculty."

OBU's teams competed against 1,855 other teams. Those teams of business students represented schools such as Bowling Green State University, Brigham Young, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Penn State and Vanderbilt.

Capsim Management Simulations is a global leader in developing and delivering business simulations that prepare practicing and aspiring business people to run profitable businesses. More than 550,000 participants at 500 schools and corporations have built their business acumen through Capsim learning experiences.