God Makes Ashes to Beauty, Lilite says

rld for 33 years was enough to make a difference,” Lilite said.

He explained how even as a baby and young man, Jesus made a difference by bridging the socioeconomic divide by bringing together peasants, shepherds and royals. As he grew, he healed the sick, made company with the rejected and continually extended grace. In doing this, Jesus not only made a difference while he was on Earth, but also for eternity due to the sacrifice he gave in his death.

“It was necessary for Jesus to be the one to go through that gruesome death because only He could perfectly undergo the fullness of God’s wrath,” Lilite said.

Jesus acted as the perfect penitent  - the only perfect one who could take on the wrath of human sin  - because God required a flawless vessel to enact justice, Lilite said. Christ was the only one who could fulfill the role. Christians’ response, then, should be to offer prayer with words of praise and repentant confession.

“Are you willing to surrender your rights and repent, or are you going to continue hiding your sins?” Lilite asked the students.

If Christians keep hiding their sins, their testimonies and spiritual life will be hindered, he said.

Lilite closed with a song of repentance. The song, which Lilite wrote and performed, was titled “From Ashes to Beauty.”

“That is what God is in the business of: transformation from ashes to beauty,” he said.