Relationship with God Determined by Choice, King Says

"Be still before God and in your heart I want you to ask God one question: ‘Lord, am I completely, wholly, totally surrendered to you?'" Kolby King instructed Oklahoma Baptist University students during a weekly chapel service Wednesday, Oct. 13.

A minister at First Baptist Church Owasso, King based his message on this year's chapel theme, "A Return to the Simplicity of the Gospel" based on the book "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis.

King referred to 2 Kings 2:7-14, where at the end of Elijah's life, God called him to heaven in a whirlwind. Elisha, who was left behind, asked "Where now is the LORD, the God of Elijah?" King said people -- both inside and outside the church -- ask the wrong question. People tend to ask, "Where is the God of biblical miracles?" rather than asking "Where are the people wholly committed to God, just as Elijah was?"

The God of Elijah is exactly where he has always been, King said. The question remains, where is each person in relation to God?

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"Where are the people who are willing to live so undeniably, unashamedly for Jesus Christ that if God ‘does not come through,' they'll look like a fool?" King asked.

King pointed out the lesson presented by C.S. Lewis that God gave people a free will to make individual choices. He said some choices, such as whether or not to eat breakfast or what to wear for a day, only affect a person for a short time. Other choices, however, affect a person -- and the people around him or her -- for eternity.

"Where you are in your relationship with God right now is exactly where you have chosen to be," King said. "If you are passionately in love with Jesus Christ and you are serving him - your heart burns on fire with a passion to see people come to Christ, you eat up his Word - you are there because that is where you have chosen to live your life. If you live wholly in obedience to God, the reason you are there is because that is where you have chosen to live your life.

"But if you have walked away and you find yourself on a path that God never intended you to be on, and you find things in your life that you know don't belong, I want you to know where you are in your relationship to God is exactly where you have chosen to be."

A 1994 graduate from OBU, King concluded with a personal story from his time on Bison Hill. He said he heard a sermon that included the question, "Will you be a fool for God?" King told God yes, he would serve him to the point of feeling like a fool.

Later, during a meeting of future ministers, King felt God telling him to address the audience. However, he felt embarrassed and remained quiet. Instead, the speaker offered the exact statement King felt God had instructed him to share. Heartbroken, King begged God to give him another chance. At the end of the meeting, the speaker invited anyone to stand and share. King did, but afterward he felt humiliated.

Walking down the hallway of the Raley Chapel basement, King said he told God, "I can't believe you told me to do that. God, I feel like such a fool!" to which he believes God replied, "Isn't that what you said you were willing to be for me?"

King said each person was created by God for a relationship with him. He challenged students to not settle for anything less, no matter what the cost - even if it requires them to feel foolish.