Freshmen Encouraged to Enroll in ‘Habitudes’ Groups

As part of an initiative to foster small groups as an important part of student life on Bison Hill, incoming freshmen at Oklahoma Baptist University are encouraged by the Campus Ministries staff to enroll in "Habitudes" groups before they arrive on campus for the fall 2010 semester.

Lindsey Ruthart, OBU community ministry coordinator, said the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma is using the curriculum at many Baptist Campus Ministries across the state. She said the groups will meet for about eight weeks during the fall semester.

Habitudes groups are based on the book, "Habitudes," written by Dr. Tim Elmore. Elmore defines habitudes as images that form leadership habits and attitudes. Elmore contends that even the most introverted person will influence 10,000 others in an average lifetime. Habitudes uses a series of images to help the current generation of young adults identify and embrace leadership practices for effective influence.

Elmore is the founder and president of Growing Leaders, an Atlanta-based non-profit organization created to develop emerging leaders. Since founding Growing Leaders, Elmore has spoken to more than 250,000 students, faculty and staff on hundreds of campuses across the country, including to OBU students in March 2010. The mission of Growing Leaders is to develop young leaders who will transform society.

To sign up to participate in a Habitudes group, incoming OBU freshmen should go online to

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